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What your business misses by not having a website

Nowadays a business without a website is at risk of losing a lot of potential trade. Research in 2015 showed that Australians spent an estimated $37.8 billion in the 2014-2015 financial year, and around 4 in 10 people bought at least one product online during a 4-week period. These statistics show us that the use of business websites is huge, and these figures will only continue to grow.

The use of a business website which is built correctly using branding and portraying the businesses values and vision can solidify your online presence, and can help your business maintain viability in the ever changing modern times.

So what could your business be missing out on if you do not have a website……………….

Loss of business

As the statistics above show, your business could be missing out on a large amount of custom if you do not have a website. It is also important to remember that a poorly designed website can have an even worse effect on a business, as it can damage your reputation. If people visit a website that doesn’t look good or doesn’t work properly, they will leave and find somewhere else to purchase their product/service. This bad impression will stay with them and they will most likely avoid visiting your physical business premises as well.

Increase local awareness and trade

People will often use the internet to search for businesses in their local area. It is therefore imperative that a business website has had SEO optimization to ensure that services/products are found when potential customers are making their searches. It is also important that when your business website is created you take advantage of services such as Google My Business, which will also assist in potential customers finding your information. 

Enhance customer relations

Great relationships can be built between business owners and their customers, and a website can enhance these relationships. A business website offers a direct form of contact for customers, which can increase their level of satisfaction. A website is always accessible which is a huge positive for many people who cannot visit a physical place of business during their opening hours.

Establish more personal relationships with customers

The most visited pages of most websites is the ‘About us’ page. This is because this information gives customers an idea of who they will be doing business with. It gives them a sense of building a personal relationship, which in turn, increases their trust and loyalty to your business.

Improve your business marketing

A website gives your business a platform for sharing information about your products or services. This information can be accessed by current and potential customers. You can also integrate the use of newsletters and blogs to your website which can enhance your business marketing potential.

Whichever way we look at it, we are living in a rapidly changing world in which technology is developing at a rate of knots! It is important that businesses keep up with the times and a positive online presence is a necessity these days.

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