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What’s the big deal about mobile-first websites?

As someone living in 2016, you will be aware that most people use a mobile phone to surf the internet. This means that a lot of the visitors to your website will be viewing it on a smaller than desktop sized screen. For this reason, a mobile friendly website is imperative for any business.

Most of us will have visited a website on a mobile device and found it not be mobile-friendly – how annoying is it?! Having to move side to side to view the page, zooming in and out to be able to read the content or find a link you are looking for……it’s very frustrating! If you are anything like me you will have closed the browser and given up! For the owner of this business, they could have well lost business because of it.

There are many reasons why you should ensure that your website is responsive but I am highlighting the most important ones:-

  • The scrolling and zooming which I mentioned earlier, is definitely a nuisance to visitors. This in itself is likely to lose you a lot of potential business.
  • The decision where a website is placed in the Search Engine rankings takes into account the websites ease of use for the visitor. As 80% of internet users browse the web on a mobile device, a website that is not responsive, is not user-friendly.
  • A responsive website will increase the speed of the page loading time. A fast loading time ensures that visitors are not left waiting for your website to load. People are impatient and will most likely navigate away from your website if they are made to wait more than a few seconds to view it. A fast loading time also assists with your search engine optimisation. Search engines do not like slow loading websites and will penalise your ranking if this is so.

Remember, this trend is unlikely to reverse. At present 80% of internet users are using a mobile device, and this figure is likely to continue to rise; therefore ensuring your website is mobile friendly is an important development step for any business.

Once you have your mobile friendly website ready, you can test to see just how mobile-friendly it is. Try Google’s mobile-friendly tool or, better yet, contact Ready2Launch today and let us help you find those answers!

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