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The Biggest Mistake of DIY Websites

There are many platforms available to anyone who wants to create their own website. They look attractive, and are eye-catching and often claim that they are easy to create and that you will end up with a fantastic website. But I urge you to think deeply about your decision before you choose to do-it-yourself, as there are many error you can make. These errors can mean that your website will never really produce the outcomes you were looking for.

We will discuss the biggest mistakes you can make when deciding that a DIY website is the right thing for your business.

Missing call-to-actions or call-to-actions which are unclear

A call to action is something which attracts visitors to a website to perform a certain action. Instructions such as, “Buy now”, “More Info” and “Sign up” are examples.

I have visited many DIY websites which look good in their design and layout, however many lack these all to actions, or do not implement them effectively. This means that visitors to the website are less likely to be compelled to continue on and be turned into customers. Call to actions are proven to be effective in increasing visitor conversion, if not implemented correctly or at all, business owners will be missing out on sales.

Lack of continuing regular updates

Regular updates to a business website are very important, when done correctly. These updates may be new blogs, products or offers; and when done correctly, not only does this interest customers but can improve your SEO, and in turn improve your Search Engine rankings.

Many people who build their own DIY websites work hard on the content in the initial stages, and because they don’t have the guidance and advice from a professional, end up leaving their newly built website to ‘do its own thing’. This is not an ideal situation, as your website is not likely to perform at its best.

Your website isn’t mobile friendly

This point is huge, and something anyone with a website needs to consider.

More than 70% of all visits to social media sites is made on mobile devices! We most likely have all visited a website on a mobile devise and found it to be non-responsive, it is so irritating! Having to zoom in and out, moving side to side to be able to view the content and find what you are looking for! This is one of the major mistakes made in website design, and is likely to discourage visitors from viewing your site in full or progressing to purchase stage.

You may use your social media pages to share great offers or blogs, and they are seen on a well-built social media website which gives users an awesome mobile experience; the user then goes to your website which is not mobile-friendly – ends in poor viewer experience and possible customer loss.

Best advice – ensure your website is mobile friendly, it’s a MUST in these times!

Your Search Engine Optimization is neglected

SEO for websites is important in order to increase its chance of success. Correctly executed SEO requires technical knowledge and a lot of time and effort.

When I visit a lot of DIY websites, it is very obvious that minimal, if any work has gone into the websites SEO.  Anyone who owns a business website needs it to rank well in the search engines in order for it to be found easily by potential customers, otherwise what is the point! You must remember though that even with expert help this is an ongoing process and requires a lot of input to make it sustainable.

My main message of this blog has to be that the expertise of a good web designer will be worth the money you spend to benefit your business and to avoid these major pitfalls when attempting to do it yourself!

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