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How to get your content shared across different platforms

Is your content not getting the attention you were hoping for?

Here are my 6 top tips on getting your content shared across different social platforms.

Double check your content to make sure it is newsworthy

Sometimes we can all fall into the trap of producing content that is poorly thought through and put together, but we needed to create something to post, and quickly! Don't allow this to happen, ensure you plan ahead and re-read everything you wish to put online, as your readers will know if it has been rushed and not well thought through. This is the quickest way to lose your audience, and give your business a bad reputation.

Readers come to gain information and be engaged; if you can ensure that your content remains at a high standard, they will keep reading and returning!

Make it easy

We all like things more when they are as easy as they can be! So make it easy for visitors to share your content. If you want them to share your content, for example on your blog or products pages, ensure you create social media buttons with the content to allow them to do this easily.

Involve other businesses and people

The mention of well known businesses or people will make your content more credible and attractive to readers.

Include images

When you place content on social media platforms, think about what will capture the attention of users scrolling down the page – usually at a fair pace! IMAGES – high quality, colourful and appropriate images will stop a scroller in their tracks. Once this has happened they are more likely to continue on to read your content.

But remember, ensure the images you choose are relevant to your topic, as if they are not, this could put the reader off from continuing on.

Invite people

Even when you have awesome content, easy options for sharing and eye catching images, you need to let people know about your content. So invite people to visit your site.

Create eye-catching headlines

The same principle for the use of images relates to the creation of your headlines. They too will attract visitors to continue reading. Your headlines need to attract attention whilst being honest and direct. You want people to notice your headlines, but not for the wrong reasons, which is why you need to be honest and not misleading.

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